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An elastic fiber filled with electrodes set to revolutionize smart clothes29th May, 2018

School of Engineering scientists have found a fast and simple way to make super-elastic, multi-material, high-performance fibers. This breakthrough method opens the door to new kinds of smart textiles and medical implants, it is discussed in Science Daily.

Sun protection without blinds29th May, 2018

Researchers are working on a window glass that keeps out the heat in summer and at the same time allows a clear view of the outside world.

Robotic spies among bees29th May, 2018

Researchers from several Universities are developing little robots able to interact within animal societies. A lab at the EPFL School of Engineering has worked on a zebrafish that learn how they communicate with each other and make them change direction or come together. Read more in

A new JPEG format for virtual reality, drones and self-driving cars23rd April, 2018

With this new format, the image-compression process uses less energy, and higher-quality images can be sent with low latency over broadband networks like 5G. This technology is featured in

FlyJacket Lets You Control a Drone With Your Body23rd April, 2018

This FlyJacket exosuit allows you to embody a fixed-wing drone, making it feel like you’re flying.

Analogue computer could use sound to make rapid calculations23rd April, 2018

A compact analogue computer based on an acoustic metamaterial has been proposed scientists at the EPFL School of Engineering. They have shown that the system should be capable of rapid differentiation, integration, and instantaneous image processing.

A treasure trove for nanotechnology experts28th March, 2018

A team from EPFL and NCCR Marvel has identified more than 1,000 materials with a particularly interesting 2-D structure. Their research is featured in  

This wireless patch can predict a heart attack before it happens22nd March, 2018

Developed by health tech startup Smartcardia, it can supposedly determine whether you’re going to have heart complications before they happen. Read more in the Daily Dot.

A massive telescope for seeing the invisible22nd March, 2018

Some of the universe’s greatest mysteries could soon be resolved thanks to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a huge radio telescope that will be built in South Africa and Australia. Several EPFL labs are involved in this epic project.

The What, Why and How of Delta Robots22nd March, 2018 features Professor Reymond Clavel’s work, inventor of the delta robot.