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Lego-like vacuum robot climbs walls and sorts your containers22nd January, 2018

A robot that sorts your plastic containers, cleans your windows, and brings you a drink may be on its way. It comes from Jamie Paik’s lab, you can read more about it in New Scientist.

Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch19th January, 2018

Scientists have unveiled the first bionic hand with a sense of touch that can be worn outside a laboratory. The development team included engineers, neuroscientists, surgeons, electronics and robotics specialists from Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Jamie Paik’s robots are making waves15th January, 2018

Prof. Jamie Paik has appeared in two separate feature articles of the New Scientist, for her work about origami robots.

BBC features Prof. Floreano’s work on bio-inspired flight15th January, 2018

Prof. Floreano’s lab is the subject of a BBC special feature, with their drones that fly with artificial feathers: BBC  -> more on this story

National Radio covers the two European projects to be led by Tobias Kippenberg15th January, 2018

Swiss National Radio features the two European Horizon 2020 projects awarded to Prof. Tobias Kippenberg: RTS  -> more on this story

Harvard and EPFL have released a video about their joint work on brainstem implants15th January, 2018

Harvard and EPFL have released a video describing their work carried out in conjunction with the Bertarelli Program in Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering: Advances in Auditory Brainstem Implants  -> more on this story

The science press takes an interest in vitro15th January, 2018

Heinrich Hofmann has created some buzz with a method to improve in vitro tests Science Daily  -> more on this story

Sylvie Roke appears in Science News15th January, 2018

Sylvie Roke has been making waves with her work on 3-D imaging of surface chemistry EurekAlert! Science News  -> more on this story

Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch15th January, 2018

Prof. Micera has made headlines around the world with a bionic hand which can restore the sense of touch. BBC (UK) Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch Newsweek (USA) Bionic Hand With a Sense of Touch Used for First Time in Real World Corriere della sera (Italy) Impiantata al Gemelli la prima mano bionica che ha

Prof. Michaud is featured in the news with bio-inspired skis16th October, 2017

Prof. Michaud raises eyebrows with skis that are inspired by turtle scales: Engineering360  -> more on this story