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A new approach to modeling tumors26th June, 2019

Researchers at EPFL and the University of Lyon have developed a device for creating cell aggregates in a fully controlled manner. Their aim is to model tumors more accurately in order to test potential new treatments.

Top 10 academic institutions in 2018: normalized25th June, 2019

This ranking shows which institutions might be punching above their weight in producing high-quality research. EPFL is part of the list.

Producing electricity at estuaries using light and osmosis28th May, 2019

Phys.Org – Most renewable power technologies are weather dependent. Wind farms can only operate when there’s a breeze, and solar power plants rely on sunlight. Researchers at EPFL are working on a method to capture an energy source that’s constantly available at river estuaries: osmotic power, also known as blue energy.

Record solar hydrogen production with concentrated sunlight28th May, 2019

Science Daily – Researchers have created a smart device capable of producing large amounts of clean hydrogen. By concentrating sunlight, their device uses a smaller amount of the rare, costly materials that are required to produce hydrogen, yet it still maintains a high solar-to-fuel efficiency. Their research has been taken to the next scale with

Shining light on osmosis holds hope for renewable energy28th May, 2019

Swissinfo – Light could hold the key to harnessing osmosis as a viable energy source according to EPFL researchers. Recently tested under real-world conditions, the findings offer hope for renewable energy that does not rely on specific weather conditions in contrast to wind and solar.

The way people walk says a lot about how healthy they are11th April, 2019

Tech Explorist – Gait characteristics are sometimes regarded as the sixth vital sign in humans. They serve as a valuable indicator of a person’s health, particularly in older adults – so why not measure them?

Scientists invent laser source to detect pollution4th April, 2019

Researchers at the EPFL School of Engineering have developed a simple mid-infrared laser source that can be used to detect pollution in the air or molecules in someone’s breath.

How understanding animal behavior can support wildlife conservation3rd April, 2019

Science Daily – Researchers have developed a model that uses data from sensors worn by meerkats to gain a more detailed picture of how animals behave in the wild.

Robots Help Bees Talk to Fish1st April, 2019

IEEE Spectrum – Using robots as intermediaries, a school of zebra fish communicate with a colony of bees.