Prof. Pascal Frossard

Full Professor

Pascal Frossard is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Institute of EPFL since 2006, where he heads the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS4). Between 2001 and 2003, he has been with the Media Delivery Architectures Department of the IBM TJ Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY, USA. In 2003, he joined the Signal Processing Institute of EPFL as head of the LTS4 laboratory, under a professorship grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (FNS).

Among other technical activities, Pascal Frossard has been the General Chair of ICME 2002 (Lausanne, Switzerland, August 2002). He organized several international conferences in the signal processing area. He serves or has served as Guest Editor of several special issues in image coding and communications. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2004-), and an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (2006-), and an Associate Editor of the Computer Networks Journal (Elsevier) (2007-). He is an elected member of the IEEE Image and MultiDimensional Signal Processing Technical Committee (2007-), of the IEEE Visual Signal Processing and Communications Technical Committee (2006-), among others. In 2005, he received the prestigious IBM Faculty Award, that recognizes the quality of his research, and its importance to IBM Research strategy. He received in 2008 the IBM Exploratory Stream Analytics Innovation Award.


Research Area

Image analysis

Design of novel image representation methods and distributed processing algorithms for classification and inference applications, with a particular attention on the interplay between sparse approximations and dimensionality reduction methods based on manifold models. Development of applications in the analysis and retrieval of images in large datasets. 

3D imaging

Study of 3D image coding and transmission methods in networks of perspective or omnidirectional cameras and in immersive communications systems.

Multimedia Communicationstest

Design of media streaming solutions in heterogeneous and distributed delivery systems, with an emphasis on interactive communication and mobile conferencing applications.

Network data analysis

Study of novel information representation methods for large-scale dynamic networks of players with diverse dependency relationships and context adaptation abilities.


ELE 241 (Bâtiment ELE)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne