Dr. Yves Leterrier

Senior Scientist

Yves Leterrier was born in Nancy (F) in 1964. He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (INPL, F) and was a research associate at NIST (USA). He joined the Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Technology at EPFL in 1993 and is a lecturer in the Materials Science Institute, where he created a course program on sustainable materials and processes, taught since 1994. In 2006 he was nominated as a senior scientist (MER). His research work is devoted to multifunctional polymer-based composite materials including photopolymerized nanocomposites and thin film multilayers for which he won the 2001 Wasserman prize. Focus is on integrative synthesis strategies for hybrid polymer composites and fundamentals of surface and interfacial phenomena, in view of cost-effective processes for flexible electronics, biotechnologies and renewable energy applications.


Research Area

Multifunctional polymer-based composite materials including nanosized coatings on polymer substrates. Emphasis on encapsulation materials with improved mechanical integrity, for applications such as food and pharmaceutical packaging, flexible electronics, optical and photovoltaic devices.

Ongoing research also focuses on nanocomposites based on UV curable hyperbranched polymers. These materials combine unique properties (short process time, transparency, dimensional accuracy) relevant for microdevice technologies including lab-on-a-chip and optical sensors.

A significant contribution of his work is in the development of new experimental methods:
- electro-fragmentation in-situ in microscopes to probe damage in nanometric layers under controlled thermo-mechanical loading
- UV-hyphenated tools (rheology, interferometry) for real-time structure-property analysis in photosetting polymers


MXG 141 (Bâtiment MXG)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne