Dr. Stefano Mischler

Senior Scientist

Stefano Mischler obtained the diploma in materials science in 1983 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ in Zurich. He accomplished his PhD thesis in the field of surface analysis and corrosion at the Materials department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL in Lausanne in 1988. In the years 1989-1990 he held a postdoctoral position at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Establishment in Harwell (Oxfordshire) where he developed novel quantification procedures for Auger Electron Spectroscopy and high lateral resolution surface analytical methods for fiber reinforced ceramics. In 1991 he joined the newly created Tribology group at the Laboratory for Metallurgical Chemistry of the EPFL where he developed research activities in the field of wear-corrosion interactions (tribocorrosion) and of tribological coatings. He is currently head of the tribology group and is developing a reserach and training activity devoted to modern aspects of tribology and surface science and technology, including surface chemical effects in tribology, biotribology and biocorrosion, tribology in microfabrication processes and wear protection methods. In 2006 he spent a sabbatical leave of 3 months at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Institute of Biomaterials.


Research Area

The group is active in the field of advanced tribology as a multi-disciplinary, multi-scale discipline at the interface between material science, mechanics and surface chemistry and physics.
Research interest is focussed on the scientific understanding of the interactions between nano-scaled surface features and tribological system behaviour and at developing predictive multiscale models including mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and material factors. This knowledge is exploited to develop innovative materials and processing routes for tailoring surfaces to meet new tribological challenges with special emphasis on smart coatings and in-situ electrochemical surface treatments.
The group has developed a particular expertise in the field of tribology in aqueous systems (tribocorrosion) including fundamental and applied aspects in specific areas such as biomedical implants, in-mouth tribology, coatings, components for microelectronics and power plants.


MXC 210 (Bâtiment MXC)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne