Dr. Jean-Michel Sallese

Senior Scientist

With a PhD in physics from the CNRS-Sophia Antipolis (France), I joined EPFL in 1991 in the group of Marc Ilegems where I worked on III-V laser diodes characterization and modeling of inter-diffusion in quantum wells and quantum wires structures.

Since 1996, I joined the Electronics Laboratories (Prof. Michel Declercq) where my research activities concern modelling MOS field effect transistor for analog design application, addressing different topics such as High Frequency and non quasi-static operation in advanced CMOS technology. I am also currently involved in European projects on nanoscale CMOS device concepts and educational programs.

Research Area

Our mission is to develop analytical models for new generations of electron devices for circuit simulation purposes.

Some projects:

- Modelling and Fabrication of Junction Less Field Effect Transistors
(SNF Projet : VESFET)

- Modelling Minority Carrier Progagation in High Voltage Integrated Cicuits (European Projet: AUTOMICS)

- Fabrication, Characterization and Modelling of Organic Field Effect Transistors (Collaboration with CSEM)

- Modelling Touch Screen Technology for Smart Phones (Project with Private Partner)


Jean-Michel SALLESE
ELB 234 (Bâtiment ELB)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne