Prof. Catherine Dehollain

Adjunct Professor


Research Area

The RFIC group is conducting research in ultra high frequency (1 to 10 GHz) analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for ultra wide band communications (UWB) and from medium to ultra high frequency (1 to 900 MHz) analog integrated circuits for RFIDs, sensors networks and biomedical applications. It has a large activity in remotely powered RFID tags and sensors nodes powered by magnetic, electro-magnetic or electro-acoustic couplings. It has led the European project Ultrasponder ( dedicated to deeply implanted sensors. It is partner of the European Marie-Curie project FlexSmell ( dedicated to remotely powered sensors for gas sensors. It participates to the NanoTera Swiss national funding initiative (SNF) (http://www.nano-tera-ch/) in the field of CMOS technologies and biomedical applications (mouse monitoring, knee prosthesis). It works in the domain of remotely powered cortical implants to monitor the brain activity since year 2006 thanks to the SNF. Finally, it is the scientific coordinator of the Swiss CTI project CAPED dedicated to the development of an intelligent capsule to monitor the motility in the body.


ELB 231 (Bâtiment ELB)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne