Prof. Dario Floreano

Full Professor

Prof. Dario Floreano (M.A. 1988; M.S. 1992; Ph.D. 1995) is the director of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and director of the Swiss National Center of Competence in Robotics . He is member of the Global Agenda Council on Robotics and Smart Devices of the World Economic Forum . He is co-founder of the company senseFly S.A. , of the International Society for Artificial Life , and founder of the popular robotics podcast series Talking Robots (which later became RobotsPodcast ).

He has been on the advisory board of the Future and Emerging Technologies division of the European Commission, on the advisory board of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Budapest, and on the board of governors of the International Society for Neural Networks. Prof. Floreano is a senior member of the IEEE and received several national and international awards for professional and cultural achievements. Prof. Floreano is or has been on the editorial board of the international journals: Neural Networks (Pergamon), Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines (Kluwer), Adaptive Behavior (Sage), Artificial Life (MIT Press), Connection Science (Francis & Taylor), Evolutionary Computation (MIT Press), Evolutionary Intelligence (Springer), IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE), Autonomous Robots (Kluwer).


Flying Insects and Robots
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
Evolutionary Robotics
Manuale sulle Reti Neurali


Research Area

Principles of biological self-organization, such as evolution, learning, and adaptation; bio-inspired robots capable of autonomous behavior, such as terrestrial, flying, jumping, evolutionary, and networked robots; computational biology.


MED 1 1026 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne