Dr. Igor Stolichnov

Senior Scientist

Igor Stolichnov was born in Saint Petersburg, in 1968. He received his Master degree in solid state physics at Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University in 1994. In the years 1995-1996 he worked as a research assistant at the Wide-gap semiconductors laboratory, A.F. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute (St. Petersburg). In 1996 he joined EPFL, Laboratory of Ceramics (LC-IMX) where he was awarded PhD in 2000 for his work on physical mechanisms of losses in ferroelectric non-volatile memories. In 2010 he received from EPFL the grade of MER (Maitre d’enseignement et de recherche, Senior Scientist), since 2015 – member of staff of NANOLAB. His scientific interests are focused on functional materials and their applications for memory and information processing applications, including ferroelectrics, dielectrics and multiferroics. His researches include integration of functional dielectrics on semiconductors and metals for novel memory devices. He gives lectures on scanning probe microscopy; experimental methods of crystallography; structure, symmetry and properties of materials. 


Research Area

The research is focused on functional electronic materials in particular ferroelectrics and multiferroics (materials and systems with coupled ferroic orders, e.g. ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism). Our scientific interest includes physics of multiferroic coupling, semiconductor-ferroelectric heterostructures, electronic transport in thin film insulators and semiconductors, physics of polarization reversal, size effects in ferroics.

Advanced scanning probe microscopy techniques are extensively used in our research for exploring ferroic domains.