Prof. Véronique Michaud

Associate Professor

1994 Habilitation à diriger des recherches ( INPG, France)
1991 PhD in Materials Engineering ( MIT, USA)
1987 Ingénieur Civil des Mines ( Ecole des Mines de Paris, France)

Since June 2012, Head of the Materials Science and Engineering Section
Since April 2017, Associate Professor at EPFL
2009-2017 : Professeur Titulaire at EPFL
1997-2009: researcher at EPFL
1994-1997 : Chef de Travaux au laboratoire MSS-MAT, Ecole Centrale Paris ( France)
1991-1994 : Post-doctoral research associate, MIT (USA)

Author of about 275 publications of which 125 in peer-reviewed journals


Research Area

The approach is to focus on the fundamentals of composite materials processing, with the final goal to produce parts with optimized process kinetics and part quality. This implies to focus on surface thermodynamics (wetting), on flow of liquids in porous media, on polymer rheology, with potential applications in all types of composite materials, with thermoplastic or thermoset matrices.

Another aspect of our research is to develop smart composite materials, that are able to combine structural and functional properties. This is possible by embedding actuators ( such as shape memory alloys, piezoelectric elements), sensors ( such as optical fibers), and other elements which provide tailored damping ( such as Shear Thickening Fluids) or self-healing ( such as healing agent filled microcapsules).

The challenges are to propose processing routes which allow these elements to survive the process and exert their function as desired, while preserving their structural ability. Applications are in many fields, from sport applications to aeronautics and space.


Véronique MICHAUD
MXH 145 (Bâtiment MXH)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne