Prof. Andras Kis

Associate Professor

2004-2007 Postdoc in the group of Prof. Zettl, University of California, Berkeley, USA
2000-2003 PhD student of prof. Forro


Research Area

The research in the Laboratory of Nanoscale Electronics and Structures is concentrated on developing the next generation of advanced nanoelectronic devices based on new, two-dimensional semiconductors such as MoS2. These materials offer substantial benefits over current technology: 2D materials represent the ultimate limit of miniaturization in the vertical dimensions and could therefore allow fabrication of FETs with extremely short channel lengths. Two-dimensional materials are also very interesting as building blocks of next-generation nanoelectronic devices for simple geometric reasons: it is in principle easier to fabricate circuits and other complex structures by tailoring 2D layers into desired forms, than to deposit or grow nanowires or nanotubes with predictable electrical properties in predefined positions.

Our laboratory was the first to show that single-layer MoS2 could be an interesting FET channel material and act as a semiconducting analogue of graphene that does not have a band gap in its pristine form.

The group makes extensive use of the EPFL cleanroom where we fabricate our devices. We perform electrical and topological characterisation of devices using a variety of tools including latest generation AFM, low-noise setup for DC and AC electrical characterization, He3 cryostat with equipped with a magnet etc.




Andras KIS
BM 2141 (Bâtiment BM)
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