Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville

Associate Professor

In 1998, Prof. de Ville received an Engineering Degree in Computer Sciences from Ghent University, Belgium. After his graduation, he obtained a grant of Research Assistant of the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders, Belgium (FWO) at the Medical Signal and Image Processing group within the Department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS), Ghent University, Belgium. On 8th January 2002, he obtained his Ph.D. entitled


Research Area

MIPLab’s mission is to advance our understanding of the human body, in particular, of brain function in health and disorder using non-invasive imaging techniques. To that aim, we pursue the development and integration of innovative methodological tools from signal and image processing at various stages of the acquisition, processing, and analysis pipeline. The first highlight of our research is on temporal dynamics of spontaneous brain activity; for instance, we showed fractal organization of the rapid switching between scalp topographies in spontaneous EEG and how it interlinks with fMRI that is governed by slow hemodynamics. The second highlight is on the analysis of functional brain networks using multi-scale graph models and techniques from pattern recognition to interpret and predict cognitive and clinical conditions based on signatures of functional connectivity.


H4 3 132.087 (Campus Biotech batiment H4)
Ch. des Mines 9
CH-1202 Genève