Prof. Stéphanie Lacour

Full Professor

Stéphanie P. Lacour holds the Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology at the School of Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from INSA de Lyon, France, and completed postdoctoral research at Princeton University (USA) and the University of Cambridge (UK).  She joined EPFL in 2011. Since January 2017, she is full professor in Microengineering and Bioengineering at EPFL.  She is a co-founding member and current director of EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics, now located at EPFL satellite - Campus Biotech in Geneva.


Research Area

The Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronics Interfaces (LSBI) explores how to shape traditionally rigid electronic circuits into conformable, skin-like formats. Our mission is to engineer and implement novel materials and technologies overcoming the “hard to soft” mechanical mismatch between man-made devices and biological tissues. Electronics will no longer be everywhere but also anywhere. Our research is interdisciplinary combining expertise in materials science, engineering, biotechnology and neural engineering. Applications are vast and encompass soft tactile skins, stretchable electronics, health monitoring and ultra-compliant neuroprostheses.
Research Areas:
Neuroprosthetic Technology: soft MEAs, chronic electrode interfaces, in vitro cell biomechanics
Electronic Skins: thin-film electronics, tactile sensors


Stéphanie LACOUR
B3 2 229.134 (Campus Biotech bâtiment B3)
Ch. des Mines 9
CH-1202 Genève