Prof. Jamie Paik

Associate Professor

Prof. Jamie Paik is founder and director of the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL) of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and a core member of Swiss NCCR robotics group. The RRL leverages expertise in multi-material fabrication and smart material actuation for novel robot designs. She received her PhD in Seoul National University on designing humanoid arm and a hand while being sponsored by Samsung Electronics. This 7-DoF humanoid arm was the lightest in the literature at that time being 3.7kg including the 8-DoF hand. During her Postdoctoral positions in the Institut des Systems Intelligents et de Robotic in Universitat Pierre Marie Curie, Paris VI, she developed laparoscopic tools named JAiMY that are internationally patented and commercialized now by At Harvard University’s Microrobotics Laboratory, she started developing unconventional robots that push the physical limits of material and mechanisms. Her latest research effort is in soft robotics including self-morphing Robogami (robotic origami) that transforms its planar shape to 2D or 3D by folding in predefined patterns and sequences, just like the paper art, origami.


Research Area

Prof. Paik is interested in the area of mechatronic designs and fabrications for morphological robotics and bio-inspired robots. She is the co-author of four patents for surgical devices and her pivotal contribution in the development of a tool for laparoscopic surgery is evident from its name – JAiMY. Paik’s experience in designing unconventional mechatronic systems such as Robotic Origami is opening up new, promising possibilities for developing new technologies in the new National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics.

Robotic Origami is a new concept for reconfigurable systems. The self-folding sheets are constructed from smart materials that embed actuation, computation, communication, and sensing. Embedded actuators are used to self-assemble flat sheets into 3D robots with specified functionality. Creating functional sheets – with applications ranging from manipulation to locomotion – from quasi-2D parts has its engineering challenges in the areas of computation, fabrication, material selection and design. Novel materials that embed joints, sensing, actuation, computation, and connectors need to be developed to fabricate the robotic origami. This Programmable Matter work will appeared in the NY MoMA’s “Talk to Me” exhibition catalog.

The motorized laparoscopic surgical tool is a handheld motorized tool that enables surgeons to suture in addition to the functionality offered by other conventional tools. As a principal engineer for developing a new 3 DoF handheld surgical instrument to give laparoscopic surgeons more dexterity in their procedures, Jamie produced two prototypes that were animal in vivo tested and EU patented and they are now filed with WIOP for an international patent. Currently the product "JAiMY" is waiting for FDA and CE approval and is available to hospitals for testing.

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