Prof. Tobias Schneider

Associate Professor

Tobias Schneider is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. He received his doctoral degree in 2007 from the University of Marburg in Germany working on the transition to turbulence in pipe flow under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Eckhardt. He then joined Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow working primarily with Prof. Michael P. Brenner. In 2012 Tobias Schneider returned to Europe to establish an independent research group at the Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization in Goettingen. Since 2014, he is working at EPFL, where he teaches fluid mechanics and heads the 'Emergent Complexity in Physical Systems' laboratory.


Research Area

We are interested in how seemingly simple physical systems create unexpectedly complex patterns and dynamical behaviour. Examples range from complex laminar turbulent patterns in shear flows to the deformation of droplets in microfluidic applications and the buckling of loaded elastic shells. We study these systems using several aspects of continuum mechanics and transport theory entwinded with dynamical systems methods and large computer simulations. 

Specific research projects include: 

1. Fluid turbulence
1.1 Laminar-turbulent transition including spatio-temporal patterns
1.2 Exact invariant solutions underlying transitional turbulence
1.3 Polymer-induced drag reduction

2. Multiphase flow at small Reynolds-numbers
2.1 Nonlinear dynamics driving droplet breakup
2.2 Microfluidics

3. Fully nonlinear description of elastic shell buckling

4. Computational continuation and bifurcation analysis tool for nonlinear PDEs


MED 2 2826 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne