Prof. John Martin Kolinski

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Dr. Kolinski studied Applied Mathematics (Sc.M.) and Applied Physics (Ph.D.) at Harvard University, completing a PhD under the supervision of L. Mahadevan and Shmuel Rubinstein on the role of air in droplet impact. John did his post-doc at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel supported by the Fulbright post-doctoral fellowship. At HUJI, he worked on interfacial instabilities in soft matter in the labs of Eran Sharon and Jay Fineberg.

John continues his research into interfacial mechanics at EPFL in EMSI, his newly founded laboratory for the study of Engineering Mechanics of Soft Interfaces.


Research Area

At EMSI, we work to understand soft interfaces and soft materials at a fundamental level. Experiments at EMSI belong to two major research themes - failure at soft interfaces and interfacial flow at contact lines. EMSI is building on the principle that soft materials are comprised of structures that can be studied directly using optical methods. Whether adapting existing methods or developing wholly new approaches to study interfacial mechanics, we seek to probe soft interfaces using light in ways that hard materials cannot be studied.


John Martin KOLINSKI
MED 2 2626 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne