Puissance et énergie

Power and Energy at EE

Energy is a central theme within the spectrum of activities in EE. In this respect, this theme addresses three main areas: smart grids, electrical machines/drives and industrial electronics.

The first area covers the development of smart grid concept solutions in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supply. These solutions aim to intelligently integrate the actions of all users connected to the electrical network whether they are generators or consumers. They rely on innovative products and services together with intelligent monitoring, control, communication and self-healing technologies.

Research in electrical machines focuses on the modeling, control and optimization of high-performance drives as well as their analysis through complex numerical simulations processes. Industrial electronics activities encompass three principal fields: power electronics, with particular reference to the development of new converter topologies; energy conversion in general, including management and modeling of storage systems, and modeling/simulation of complex systems including renewables and hybrid solutions.

Key research themes

  • Smart grids : microgrids, distributed monitoring systems, phasor measurement units, real-time optimal operation of distribution networks, fault location, distributed generation, storage systems, power quality, insulation coordination.
  • Power electronics : electrical energy generation, conversion, storage; medium voltage applications; high power electronic converters; modelling, simulation, design, optimization, control; power semiconductors, advanced magnetics; high performance variable speed drives, converter structures and topologies; energy conversion, including management and storage.
  • Electric power transmission and distribution : electricity market liberalization; vulnerability of power system, distributed generation and storage; electromagnetic compatibility, lightning discharge, modeling, simulation.
  • Electro-mechanical systems : modelling and optimization of mid-sized and large electrical machines, analysis and simulation of electrical power systems and adjustable speed drives.