Séminaires en de l’institut d’électricité et de microtechnique

Becoming sustainable, the new frontier in soft electronics and robotics

Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner Johannes Kepler University Linz



Prof. Dr. Jaap M.J. den Toonder Eindhoven University of Technology

Polymer-based artificial synapses: Using protons and electrons to impart plasticity to semiconductors

Prof. Dr. Alberto Salleo, Stanford University


Information and Light in Complex Media

Prof. Dr. Allard Mosk, Utrecht University

Online Only

Copying Brain

Prof. Dr. Donhee Ham, Harvard University

Online Only

Towards softer and more tissue-resembling elastomers

Prof. Dr. Anne Ladegaard Skov, Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Online Only

Towards elevated-temperature (>2 K) monolithic quantum computing processors in production FDSOI CMOS technology

Prof. Dr. Sorin Voinigescu University of Toronto

Online Only

Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules: Some Challenges and Tools to deal with them

Prof. Dr. Klaus Weber, Australian National University


Low Frequency Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Implants

Prof. Dr. Shad Roundy, University of Utah


AI-enhanced vision: seeing the invisible

Prof. Dr. George Barbastathis, MIT


LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles in China

Prof. Dr. Zhengxi Cheng, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

BM 5202

Quantum Future for Silicon Nanoelectronics

Dr. Silvano De Franceschi CEA-INAC

SV 1717

Split Learning: Distributed Machine Learning with Sensitive, Siloed Data

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Raskar

BM 5202

Merging Human-Machine Intelligence with Soft Materials Technology

Prof. Dr. Xuanhe Zhao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

SV 1717

Flexible Radios and Flexible Networks

Prof. Dr. Alyssa B. Apsel, Cornell University

SV 1717

GaN for the Future

Prof. Dr. Debbie Senesky Stanford University

SV 1717

A sneak peek with light into opaque materials

Prof. Dr. Sylvain Gigan

BM 5202

CMOS Microelectronics for DNA detection using Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistors

Prof. Dr. Pantelis Georgiou Imperial College London

SV 1717

Dynamic optics for laser microfabrication and high-resolution microscopy

Prof. Dr. Martin Booth University of Oxford

SV 1717

A New Flexible Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor Patch for Continuous Measurement of Blood Flow Volume and Pressure based on AI algorithms

Prof. Dr. Paul Chao National Chiao Tung University Taiwan

SV 1717

HASEL Artificial Muscles - Versatile High-Performance Actuators for a New Generation of Life-like Robots

Prof. Dr. Christoph Keplinger University of Colorado Boulder

SV 1717

Toward Point-of-Care Assessment of Hemostasis Using Miniaturized Dielectric Coagulometry

Prof. Dr. Pedram Mohseni Case Western Reserve University

SV 1717

Micro/Nano/Biotechnology Device Integration for Addressing Gastrointestinal Health

Prof. Dr. Reza Ghodssi University of Maryland

SV 1717

Soft Microrobotics and its Application in Medicine

Prof. Dr. Brad Nelson, ETH Zurich, Switzerland  

SV 1717

Collective Intelligence, from Nature to Robots

Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Harvard University

SV 1717

Optical 3D nano-fabrication technologies: top-down and bottom-up approaches

Prof. Satoshi Kawata, Osaka University

SV 1717

Mixed-Signal Interfaces for the Data-Driven World

Prof. Dr. Boris Murmann, Stanford University

SV 1717

Why is Neurobiology like Photonic Engineering: Report of an Engineer Crossing Scientific Barriers

Dr. Yurii Vlasov

SV 1717

Silicon Photonics, Optical Phased Arrays, and LiDAR

Prof. Dr. Michael Watts

SV 1717

Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers for Consumer Devices

Prof. Dr. David Horsley, University of California, Davis

SV 1717

About Rehabilitation Robots, Cyborgs and the Cybathlon

Prof. Robert Riener

SV 1717

Neuroarchitectonic Devices using Atomic Switches

Prof. Dr. James K. Gimzewski

SV 1717

Recipes for soft robotic artificial organisms

Prof. Jonathan Rossiter

SV 1717

Transfer of Power and Data Over Coupled LC Resonators

Prof. Asad A. Abidi

MED 0 1418

Soft, Stretchable, and Reconfigurable Materials for Electronics and Actuators

Prof. Michael Dickey

SV 1717

From Computers to Consciousness

Federico Faggin

SV 1717

Quantum cascade lasers and frequency combs: towards chip-based optical chemical sensors

Prof. Jérôme Faist

SV 1717

Self-Mixing Interferometry: a Universal Yardstick to Measure Almost Everything

Prof. Dr. Silvano Donati

SV 1717

Heterogeneous Photonic Integration on Silicon

Prof. Dr. John E. Bowers

SV 1717

Biomedical MEMS Implants: Inorganic-Based, Polymer-Based, and Protein-Based Transducers

Prof. Dr. Mark G. Allen

SV 1717

Meet Dr Frankenstein

Prof. Ronald Dekker, TU Eindhoven


Nonlinear Optics with a Few Photons and a Single Molecule

Prof. Dr. Vahid Sandoghdar

SV 1717

Single-Molecule Analysis with Nanomechanical Systems

Prof. Michael Roukes, Caltech

SV 1717

Labs, Cells and Organs on a Chip

Prof. Albert van den Berg, University of Twente, Twente (NL)

SV 1717

Human-machine interaction for collaborative robotic systems

Etienne Burdet Ph.D., Chair in Human Robotics, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

SV 1717

September 2020

Friday 25 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Romain Quidant – ETHZ

Nano-optics gets practica

Friday 18 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

David Atienza – EPFL

Designing Computing Systems for Internet of Things : Follow Your Brain!

December 2019

Friday 13 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Marilyn Wolf – Giorgia Tech – ECE

Challenges and Opportunities in VLSI IoT Devices and Systems

Friday 6 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Joerg Henkel – KIT

Challenges and Opportunities for MultiCore Computing with CNFETs

November 2019

Friday 29 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Evangelos Eleftheriou – IBM Zürich

In-memory Computing for AI Applications

Friday 15 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Johann Kolar – ETHZ

Power Electronics – A key Technology for All-Electric/Digital World

Friday 8 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Antonelo Monti – RWTH Aachen University

Towards a power electronics based power systems

October 2019

Friday 25 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Maciej Ogorzalek – Jagiellonian University Krakow

Integrated Circuit Design in the Artifical Intelligence Era

Friday 18 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Wayne Burleson – Uni. Massachusetts, Amherst

VLSI Sensors and Security

Monday 14 – 12.15pm – Rolex Learning Center

2014 Nobel Prize : Hiroshi Amano – Nagoya University

GaN as a key material for establishing a sustainable society

Friday 11 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Roel Baets – Ghent University – Imec

Nanosystems: Recent tends in silicon photonics

Friday 4 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Luke Fleet – Nature

Electronics in the Nature journals

September 2019

Friday 27 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Dave Howey – University of Oxford

Squeezing more out of Lithium-ion battery grid energy storage systems by accurately modelling battery degradation

Friday 20 – 1.15pm – Room MXF1

Giovanni De Micheli – EPFL

Nanosystems: Technology and Tools

May 2019

Friday 3 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Lothar Thiele – ETH

Internet of Things – The Quest for Trust

Friday 10 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Thomas Mueller – Vienna University of Technology

Two-dimensional materials: a new platform for (opto-)electronic devices

Friday 17 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Dragan Maksimovic – University of Colorado

Advances in Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Systems

Friday 24 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Debdeep Jena – Cornell University

The Nitride Semiconductor Revolution: Over, or Just Getting Started?

Friday 31 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Sergio Barbarossa – Sapienza University of Roma

Topological Signal Processing

April 2019

Friday 5 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Lukas Novotny – ETH


Friday 12 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Andreas Krause – ETH

Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning

March 2019

Friday 1 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Alberto Castellazzi – University of Nottingham

Application of SiC power MOSFETs

Friday 8 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

John Pendry – Imperial College

Capturing light on the nanoscale

Friday 22 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Andras Kis – EPFL

Excitonic devices based on 2D semiconductors

Friday 29 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Giuseppe Iannaccone – University of Pisa

Perspectives of 2D materials for machine learning chips

February 2019

Friday 22 – 1.15pm – Room ELA2

Jesus del Alamo – MIT

Nanoscale III-V Electronics: InGaAs FinFETs and Vertical Nanowire MOSFETs