Mineur en technologies biomédicales

The Minor in Biomedical Technologies (30 ECTS) complements the Master programs offered at EPFL, providing additional skills in the field of biomedical sciences (or engineering for SV students).

The program includes courses (22 ECTS minimum, all optional) of basis in biomedical sciences as well as a broad choice of engineering-related courses with emphasis on applications in biomedical engineering.

A semester project (8 ECTS, mandatory) related to biomedical technology in included in the Minor.

For non-SV students (STI, SB…)
A core group of courses of biomedical basis is strongly recommended:
BIO-105 Cellular biology and biochemistry for engineers
PHYS-301 Biophysics I
MICRO-560 Séminaire en physiologie et instrumentation

Please check the prerequisites for each course. If you have doubts on the required background, contact the professor.

For SV students
Considering their pre-existing background in biology, SV students can select some other courses from MT, EL, ME, MX programs (up to 10 ECTS, with agreement of the responsible of the Minor program).


Selection of courses
For coaching purposes, the students are asked to fill a form with the list of selected courses (link here) and send by email to responsible of the Minor (PhR).

Courses out of the list must be appoved by responible of the Minor (PhR) and you should then ask the delegate of your section to make them available for IS-academia registration.

You should officially register to the courses through the IS-Academia system.

The project (semester project, 8 ECTS) is mandatory. It can be done in any EPFL laboratory active in biomedical research.
For the project, the students should contact laboratories of interest and define a project plan (link here) with the host laboratory.

You should officially register to the project through the IS-Academia system.


Ph. Renaud, responsible of BMT Minor
Guy Delacretaz, Adjunct SMT section

Study Plan