Engineering internship during the master curriculum

Students enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Master program have to complete an industry internship or master project before graduation. The goal is to give the students the opportunity to acquire industry practice in complement of the academic knowledge.

Three different formats can be chosen by the students :
– a short internship which can be done during an academic break, generally in summer, for a minimum of 8 weeks (but extendable up to 6 months) ;
– a long internship completed during a full semester, for a duration of between 4 and 6 months ;
– an internship realized within the framework of a Master’s degree project, categorized as a thus on the student’s transcript.

The student is supervised and evaluated by an EPFL academic representative and a supervisor in the company, who will validate the internship based on the student’s performance.


“A wellspring of innovation”

Internship coordinator at the School of Engineering (STI), Dr Sebastian Gautsch maintains the link between the School and the companies.

“ The companies’s interest in our program is very high– there are three times as many positions available than students seeking them. In 2017 In 2017, the School of Engineering has been offered 941 internship opportunities for about 300 students ”.

“ The reason why businesses are so enthusiastic is that EE students are known for delivering concrete results – and for bringing a healthy dose of creativity to the table. Students look at the challenges that industry faces in a different way, leveraging new skills and taking a different approach. It’s a rewarding program that allows innovation in so many different areas ”.

“ Internships, and in particular master thesis executed in the company give businesses an opportunity to form ties with EPFL laboratories. That could open the door to broader joint research projects financed by Switzerland’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (Innosuisse), which aims to encourage technology transfer to industry ”.

Doctor Sebastian Gautsch
Dr. Sebastian Gautsch
School of Engineering