Electrical Engineering News

New Project: MV emulation platform for pumped hydro storage plants 26th March, 2018

The EPFL-Power Electronics Laboratory (WP3 contributor) started a SFOE-funded project on the establishment of a MV emulation platform for pumped hydro storage plants (PHSP). 

A revolutionary material for aerospace and neuromorphic computing 26th March, 2018

Vanadium dioxide’s unique properties make it perfect for outperforming silicon and giving rise to a new generation of low-power electronic devices. Under the Phase Change Switch project (https://phasechange-switch.org/), which is being funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research program and coordinated by EPFL researchers, engineers have shown how this compound can be used to create programmable radiofrequency electronic functions for aerospace communication systems. Other applications – such as in neuromorphic computing and artificial intelligence – are also on the cards.

SEMIKRON University Support Program 26th March, 2018

Power Electronics Laboratory joins SEMIKRON University Support Program