Spin-offs fostered by the EE Institute in the last five years

In the domains of EE, the research achievements of EE research laboratories have translated in the creation of important spin-offs


Name Year Web Field Research Lab Faculty
Gait Up 2013 https://gaitup.com/ MedTech LMAM Prof. Aminian
Fastree 3D Imagers 2013 https://fastree3d.com/ Electrical-electronics AQUA Prof. Charbon (EE/MT)
SmartCardia 2013 http://www.smartcardia.com Medtech ESL Prof. Atienza
Imperix 2013 https://imperix.ch/ Energy-environment LEI Prof. Rufer
Actlight 2014 https://act-light.com/ Sensors GR-KA Prof. Kayal
Xsensio 2014 https://xsensio.com/ Micro-nanotech NANOLAB Prof. Ionescu
Hidacs Acoustic Technologies 2016 http://hidacs.com Electrical-electronics LEMA Prof. Mosig
Genomsys 2016 https://genomsys.com/ Medtech MM Prof. Mattavelli
Panoptic 2016 Sensors LTS2/LSM Prof. Vandergheynst / Prof. Leblebici
Ligentec 2016 https://www.ligentec.com/ Silicon photonics LPQM Prof. Kippenberg
Aurora’s Grid 2016 http://www.aurorasgrid.com/ Electrical-electronics DESL Prof. Paolone
Zaphiro Technologies 2017 http://www.zaphiro.ch Sensing devices DESL Prof. Paolone
PN Solutions 2017 http://www.pnsolutions.ch Electronics GR-KA Prof. Kayal
Aesyra 2017 Sensors CLSE Prof. Guiducci
Intuitive therapeutics 2018 http://www.intuitivetherapeutics.com Medical imaging LTS5 Prof. Thiran
Archinisis 2018 https://www.archinisis.ch Electronic technology LMAM Prof. Aminian
GridSteer 2018 https://www.gridsteer.ch Power grid control DESL Prof. Paolone
MicroR 2018 https://www.microrsystems.com/ Optical technology LPQM Prof. Kippenberg