Welcome from the EE Institute Director

Professor Jean-Philippe Thiran
Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran
Full Professor

The Institute of Electrical Engineering continues a tradition of excellence in research and education in a key area of engineering. By offering a broad base of technologies and laboratories, the Institute aims to attract the best students, researchers and faculty in EE to EPFL.

The institute has four major technical fields : Circuits and Devices, IoT and Computer & Communication Engineering, Information Science and Systems, and Power and Energy. Circuit design and technologies are enablers for many industrial products, from mobile telephones/tablets to robots and vehicles. Computer and communication engineering provides us with the enabling components to process and transmit information, thus shaping the interaction of people all over the world. These technologies find an embodiment also in the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT), while data science provides us with a comprehensive framework for information technologies. Energy generation and distribution through smart grids is a key technology to meet our unprecedented demand for electrical power, while respecting environmental limitations.

These four core areas encompass also important and emergent technologies, such as nanoelectronics, biosensors/biosystems, optics and machine learning.

EE offers incoming students instruction and research advising by world-renowned professors. EE graduates are highly sought after by industry and academia world-wide, because of the specific strength of EE instruction within the leading engineering school in Europe. The EE laboratories provide students and researchers with modern instrumentation and facilities to achieve hands-on experience.

Finally, the multi-cultural EE faculty is renowned for its scientific and technical achievements and is always open to discussion on new ideas and proposals from students and researchers. EE has fostered the creation of successful start-ups and some former graduates are industrial pioneers and leaders.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran
Director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering