Exchange Program

The exchange program allows students to discover new methods of teaching and study, as well as other cultures, by going to universities abroad. In the Microengineering Section exchange programs are offered either:
  • in your third year (last year of Bachelor) or
  • during your Master project
An exchange with one of the universities offered by the Student Affairs department is more risky. If you choose this route, you will have to contact the Mobility Delegate, who may impose extra conditions before accepting the exchange. The student and the Delegate must first ascertain that a study plan can be established that is compatible with the ensuing Master Cycle, and that a teacher affiliated to Microengineering, who is familiar with the host university, will actively assist in the development of this plan. Returning from an exchange in the third year, the credits earned in the host university must correspond to a complete year at EPFL, in order permit admission to the Master Cycle.  
Mobility Delegate for Microengineering Sebastian Gautsch +41 (0)21 693 10 58   Mobility Office

The list of universities

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