Semester project guidelines

  • Find a project
  • Registration
  • Project description
  • Dates
  • Evaluation method


Find a project

We recommend to look for your project at the end of the previous semester. Browse through the following pages

These project lists are non-exhaustive and other projects can be found by contacting directly the labs of interest.
Reserve your project as early as possible. Meet with the Professor in charge and define the objectives and work to be accomplished.

IMPORTANT : If the Professor proposing the project is not affiliated with Microengineering section, the project has to submitted for validation to



Register on IS-A as soon as the portal is opened by the Academic Service. (this registration is official and mandatory, please respect the deadlines).


Project description

At the start of the project, the Professor in charge should give you a project description and objectives:



 Project starting date:

  • Beginning of the semester

Report hand in

  • Spring semester : at the latest on Friday of the first week after the end of the semester
  • Fall semester : at the latest on Friday of the second week after the end of the semester

Your mark will be transferred to SAC 15 days after the report has been handed in.

IMPORTANT: The supervising Professor should confirm the exact dates to hand in the report and the oral presentation at the beginning of the project.


Evaluation method

An oral presentations of the work progress at mid-semester is strongly recommended. A final presentation at the end of the project is mandatory. The dates have to be defined with the Professor

A written report is mandatory at the end of the project

The written report will be followed by an oral defense, organized by the Professor.

The section also recommends to complete the following form (which is a supplement to the evaluation) and to send the PDF to the Section for the student’s file.