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Our new Master students will find some additional information below.

Welcome in Microengineering
You have, in a complete objective way, chosen the best section!

We have listed here some elements shared by your predecessors, which will undoubtedly be useful during your first steps :

  • Welcome presentation !
  • PPT Presentation of the information session
  • Preparation guide for new Bachelor students
  • Rules and procedures: all these elements are important to know!
  • IS-Academia: the management tool for your studies at EPFL! Note that it is possible to change your course registration during the first 2 weeks of classes, but be careful with the availability: for some courses, it’s first come, first served!
  • Moodle: you will be automatically registered for some courses! For others, you will receive a registration key from your teachers in due time.
  • Courseware & SwitchTube
  • BEAST: the access point to all the resources of the EPFL Library. It allows you to have online access to certain books requested by teachers, without necessarily having to buy them right away.
  • Poséidon : the EPFL service dedicated to the purchase advice and support of private laptops ! Note that at the beginning of your studies, the computer does not need to be the most powerful on the market: the most demanding task in BA1 is to compile C++ code.
  • Mandatory prerequisites for 2nd and 3rd year courses
  • Mobility during 3rd Bachelor year
  • In case of psychological or sexual harassment
  • MT Drive: make sure you are connected to Google with your EPFL account. Go to “Shared drives” and then “EPFL MT courses”. Instructions on how to use the drive are available in the document « Conventions Drive cours MT Dynamic et Délégués »
  • MT Discord: to communicate and ask questions between MT students! Many other resources can be found in the “Resources” channel of this server.
  • Also note that the MT BA1 have a Telegram group, as well as a channel to transmit important informations.
  • And of course, your super-coaches: Romain Dufour and Lazare L’Eplattenier are always there to support you and give you their good advice.
  • Finally, we remind you that it is very important to check your @epfl emails daily!


Also, for our Master students:


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