Concurrent engineering project

Concurrent engineering project

Students are organized in small teams dedicated to the development of different parts of a common project. For the first time in their curriculum, they face the challenge to carry out engineering projects integrating several aspects of mechanical engineering. The concurrent engineering project enables them to put into practice -and apply to concrete cases-, the corresponding learning outcomes and transversal skills acquired in each domain over the four first semesters of the bachelor studies. A few hours in this course will be dedicated to project management training, more specifically the search and management of information, project planning and monitoring, group organization and communication, technical report writing and preparation of presentations in the form of posters.

This project takes place in the 6th semester of Bachelor and aims at the following learning outcomes:

Domain skills:

  • Learning outcomes that are specific to the project domain

Transversal skills:

  • Evaluate one’s own performance in the team, receive and respond appropriately to feedback
  • Identify the different roles that are involved in well-functioning teams and assume different roles, including leadership roles
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that are productive for the task and the people concerned
  • Use both general and domain specific IT resources and tools
  • Access and evaluate appropriate sources of information
  • Write a technical or scientific report
  • Collect data
  • Design and present a poster

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