Master Projects

Master project (PDM) dates and duration


Master project usually starts the first day of the academic semester. Handing-in date depends on the project duration and is calculated automatically. However, you must visit the SAC web page to check the official dates as well as the academic calendar. If you wish to start your project on a different date, you must submit an official request to the section’s secretary. Note that you will start your project on a Monday and that you will hand-in your report on a Friday.


The duration has been fixed by the Section’s rules to 17 weeks if the project is carried out in an EPFL laboratory and 25 weeks if the project is done in an off-campus company or University. Note: The SAC adds one week of holidays in both cases, so the actual duration is 18 or 26 weeks.

How to register and hand-in your master project (PDM)

In case you choose to do a PDM in the industry, you have to make sure that a Mechanical engineering professor will supervise or co-supervise your work (in case the main professor does not belong to our section).

Before registration

Once the topic has been defined and a Mechanical engineering professor has accepted to supervise your work, you must clarify the dates and conditions of your PDM. If off-campus, you will probably be offered a contract that states this information. It will be a private contract that binds you, the company and the professor. No internship agreement will be signed by the Section. Note: please, beware of visa deadlines if you travel abroad!

IS-Academia registration

Register in IS-Academia as soon as registration opens. Save and print your registration form, then have it signed by the professor and hand it in to the section’s office. For any modification or issue about PDM registration please, contact the section’s secretary.

Confidentiality and plagiarism control

You must tick the confidentiality box upon registration in IS-Academia and the professor must validate it. If your project is not confidential, on the hand-in date, you will be asked to upload your PDM report in the system in order to take the school anti-plagiarism test.

PDM report hand-in procedure

You have to provide the Section with a pdf version of your report, by email to, on the hand-in day indicated in IS-Academia (“date de rendu”), before midday. Please, do not forget to cc the professor in charge of your project and the expert. We remind you that, since Fall 2017-18 semester, paper versions of the report are not required anymore.

PDM poster hand-in procedure

Poster is mandatory. It has to be printed in A1 format and will have to be handed in to the section’s secretary along with a pdf copy, before your oral examination date. It will be posted in the Mechanical engineering building and web site at the end the September. In order to help you design your poster, you may read our instructions as well as take a look at previous works below. In case your project is confidential, it is not necessary to print the poster but you still have to hand in a pdf version.