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Mechanical engineering addresses some of humankind’s most challenging and persistent questions. With its roots in an understanding of the fundamental laws of nature, mechanical engineering encompasses the development, design and manufacture of machines and systems that harness those forces to benefit society. As the broadest engineering field, mechanical engineering plays a role throughout a range of scientific domains, three of which are touched upon here:

Responsible use of natural resources: mechanical engineers conceive and construct solar, wind, thermal, and hydraulic energy transformation installations, and continue the development of other energy domains, from fuel cells to heat pumps.

Transport: from bicycles to rockets, trains to planes; the innovation of mechanical engineering has been most spectacularly expressed in the domains of transport, with its challenge of producing an optimal response while respecting environmental and societal concerns.

Production of goods for society: Mechanical engineering plays a crucial role in the fabrication process, and advances in the field contribute to the evolution of industrial processes, improving yields, optimizing energy, and minimizing environmental impact.



Section Director
Prof. François Gallaire (LFMI)
tél. + 41-21- 69 33365 / 69 32955
Adjunct to the Director
Dr Alain Prenleloup
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Section secretary
Anne Mireille Legrand
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Exhange study advisor
Prof. Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate (SCI STI GFT)
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Foundation and Bachelor programs Dr Alain Prenleloup
Master program Prof. Tobias SchneiderProf. Salman Sakar

Prof. Jürg Schiffmann

Prof. Guillermo Villanueva

Prof. Alireza Karimi

Prof. Sophia Haussener

Responsible for Passerelle HES Dr Alain Prenleloup



Bachelor program:

MAN Maxime Molina
1st year
Alexandre Carlhammar , Inés Chardonnel
2nd year
Salome Abou Jaoude , Antonin Blaise
3rd year
Antonin Faure , Amos Le Tiec

Master program:

1st year
Vibhu Baibhav , Maxime Dulon
2nd year
Guillaume Senentz , Amirmohammad Rajabi



Foundation cycle
Prof. G. Tagliabue
1st year bachelor Prof. J. van Herle
2nd year bachelor Prof. G. Villanueva
Master cycle
Prof. G. Ferrari Trecate
Master’s Project
Prof. C. Jones



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