IGM Colloquium

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Davide Bigoni, University of Trento, Italy 5th December, 2018

Folding of a continuum and energy releasing or fluttering rods

It will be shown that Cosserat elastic solids with extreme anisotropy may exhibit folding and faulting, the former being the process in which bending localizes into sharp corners separated by almost undeformed elements, while the latter corresponds to the formation of displacement jumps of finite size [1,2].

IGM Colloquium: Geometrically frustrated assemblies 5th December, 2018

Geometrically frustrated assemblies

Unlike Lego bricks that perfectly assemble next to one another, in molecular assemblies some misfit is almost always present.

IGM Colloquium: Sustainable and Clean Energy Research @REaCT 28th November, 2018

The purpose of this seminar is to give an overview of some of the sustainable and clean energy research themes being pursued at the Reaction Engineering and Catalytic Technology group, Imperial College London.

IGM Colloquium: Building Better Batteries, Prof. Vanessa Wood 21st November, 2018

Lithium ion batteries are multiscale systems, and their performance, cycle life, and safety depend critically on their structure and the homogeneity of the structure from the nanometer to centimeter length scales.

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Horea Ilies, University of Connecticut, USA 5th November, 2018

Geometric Excursions in Computational Design and Manufacturing

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Shmuel Rubinstein, Harvard University 31st October, 2018

The physics of crushing and smashing: Cascades and cataclysmic changes, Tuesday 6 November 2018 12:15 - 13:15 MED 0 1418

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Mustafa Khammash, ETH Zürich 16th October, 2018

Cybergenetics: Rationally-designed genetic control systems

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Beverley J. McKeon, Caltech 6th October, 2018

Systems analysis of wall turbulence: Characterizing self-sustaining processes

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Kristina Shea, ETH Zürich 3rd October, 2018

The recent rise in digital fabrication, including 3D and 4D printing, may be the best thing that has ever happened to the area of computational design.

IGM Colloquium: Prof. Nicolas Noiray, ETH Zürich 26th September, 2018

Flame and thermoacoustic dynamics in gas turbine combustors