Admission Criteria


A Master from EPFL is a highly regarded degree across the world. Anyone holding a Bachelor’s degree from a university (or the equivalent) in field related to EPFL curricula can apply to one of the EPFL Masters Programs. However, please be aware that admission is competitive. Only candidates with excellent academic records and references have good chances to be accepted. Also, are not eligible candidates who already hold a Master’s degree, or equivalent, in the field (or similar field) of the program for which they would apply.

Current EPFL students are automatically accepted in the Master’s Program of their field of study and only need to approve their re-registration in IS-Academia. However, if they would like to change their field of study and opt for example for a specialized Master’s (Computational science and engineering / Energy management and sustainability / Financial engineering / Management, technology and entrepreneurship / Nuclear engineering / Digital humanities), they must follow the full online application procedure. Note that students willing to change their field of study and join a new master’s program need to have a minimum average grade of 4.5 (average grade over the entire Bachelor’s). This criteria is however not a guarantee of admission as the quality of application, the relevance of the followed Bachelor’s compared to the Master’s of interest, and the motivation of the candidate will also be assessed by the admission committee.

Holders of a degree from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences are admitted to EPFL’s Master’s Programs in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Microengineering, Computer Science and Communication Systems, provided they have a degree in the same scientific domain. They will however need to succeed a foundation/preparatory year of 60 ECTS credits. For detailed information about the preparatory courses, please use the contacts specified on the page describing your program of interest.

For students who followed courses at EPFL as exchange students and apply for a Master’s Program: if some Master credits obtained during your exchange program were not used at your university of origin, you will be able to validate them for your Master’s Program at EPFL (30 credits maximum).

In case of questions,
Please contacts the student helpdesk :
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