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Professor Christian Enz
Prof. Christian Enz
Full Professor

Microengineering can be defined as the art of engineering across length scales, creating, designing, building or using miniature components, machines and systems for various applications. It lies at the origin of a large number of products and technologies which are used for their manufacturing.

Microengineering is by essence a multidisciplinary field which requires competences in a broad range of disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, optics, material science, mechanics, robotics, electronics, manufacturing and information technology. Micro-engineering is hence offering a formidable playground for both research and education.

The IMT comprehensively unifies all these expertise in one unique institute to foster enhanced crossdisciplinary collaborations that are required for the science and technology of highly miniaturized systems. Bringing these skills together in a single institute is a specificity of EPFL and is quite unique today in the Swiss and even the world academic landscape.