IMX Agenda

Thesis defenses

Material Development for Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Photovoltaics

Peter Joseph FIALA

MC A1 272, Microcity, Rue de la Maladire 71b, 2002 Neuchtel

Thesis defenses

Anisotropic and nonlinear transport in microstructured 3D topological semimetals

Xiangwei HUANG

MXG 110

Thesis defenses

Monitoring and understanding Cu catalyst dissolution during CO2 electroreduction


Tseuzier conference room, 4th floor EPFL Valais Wallis Rue de l'Industrie 17 Case postale 440 19

Thesis defenses

Multivalent Pattern Recognition Through Engineering of Spatial Tolerance in DNA-Based Nanomaterials


MED 0 1418

Thesis defenses

Molybdenum disulphide nanoporous membranes as nanofluidic platforms - large-area engineering and study

Michal Daniel MACHA

CM 1 4