Semester Projects and Master thesis

Spring 2019

Bachelor: Projet matériaux (7h)
Master: Research project in materials II (10h)
Duration of the project 14 weeks
Enrolment deadline 18.01.2019
Submitting project report 07.06.2019
Submitting grades to SAC 21.06.2019

Fall 2019-2020

Research project in materials I (10h)
Duration of the project 14 weeks
Enrolment deadline 05.07.2019
Submitting project report 10.01.2020
Submitting grades to SAC 27.01.2020

Optional project in the Master : Research project in materials III (10h)

Recommendation for the writing of report


The secretariat of the SMX Section requires the IMX labs to prepare a list of the available Semester Projects at least four weeks before the end of the semester preceding that during which the projects will be undertaken. This list will be made available two weeks before the end of the semester, at the latest, through the webpages of the labs.

The request for the choice of projects will be decided by the coordination of SMX alongside the students before the end of the semester.

Any modification after that must be informed to SMX by the person in charge of the project.

The divisions are responsible for the update of the project subjects.

Procedure for students

  1. Examine the available projects at the SMX website
  2. Contact the person in charge of the projects
  3. Register at IS-Academia
  4. Print the registration form registration form (before the deadline of the courses registration)
  5. Signature of the enrolment form by the person in charge of the chosen project and hand-over to the secrétariat of SMX

Procedures for Labs

  1. 4 to 2 weeks before the end of the preceding semester, at the latest, post the list of projects on the website
  2. Sign the enrolment form of the students
  3. Transmit the assessment to the SAC

List of projects suggested by laboratory

Other laboratories

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering – Interfaculty group semester projects in conjunction with the College of Management

Laboratory of biomechanical orthopedics (LBO) (the project has to be spervised by a SMX teacher)

Photovoltaics and thin film electronics laboratory (PV-LAB)