In order to improve knowledge in trans-disciplinary fields, Materials Science and Engineering students have the choice to follow a Minor program.A Minor comprises 30 credits, which are obtained in courses amongst those proposed for the program by other Sections, as listed here.

The SMX section recommends the following Minors as being particularly relevant :

– Biomedical technologies (MT)

Computational science and engineering (MA)

– Energy (GM)

– Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE)

– Mechanical engineering (GM)

Space technology (EL)

Engineering for sustainability (SSIE)

Deadline: End of the first semester of your Masters program.

Minor in Materials science and engineering

A Minor in Materials Science and Engineering offers the underlying knowledge concerning the attributes which determine the performance, properties and production method of materials. It is a spin off of the associated Masters program, and it aims to widen the knowledge of the materials domain for other engineers.

Admission : EPFL students (except Materials Science and Engineering). Enrolment requires a preliminary agreement from the Section of origin.

Deadline : End of first semester of the masters program. Inform the Materials Science and Engineering Section.

MX Mineur 2022-23

Form for Mineur MX: once completed and signed, return one copy to the secretariat of the MX section and one copy to the secretariat of your section.

Contact: Dr Béatrice Marselli.