Upcoming PhD Defenses

The role of mechanical hysteresis source in mechanical and mechanobiological performances of load-bearing biomaterials.


Thesis director : Prof. D. Pioletti
Mechanics doctoral program.
Thesis 9401

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Investigations into Nanostructured Materials for Water Splitting and Direct Solar Energy Harvesting

Filip Mateusz PODJASKI

Thesis directors : Prof. B. V. Lotsch ,- Prof. A. Fontcuberta i Morral
Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9424

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Implantable Autonomous Wireless Closed-loop Bio-electronics for Epilepsy Control


Thesis director : Dr A. Schmid
Microsystems and Microelectronics doctoral program.
Thesis 9348

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Integrated Gallium Phosphide Photonics

Katharina SCHMEING

Thesis Directors: Prof. T. Kippenberg - Dr P. F. Seidler
Photonics doctoral program
Thesis Nr. 9250

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Social Sensing Methods for Analysis of Dyadic Hospitality Encounters


Thesis director: Prof. D. Gatica-Perez
Engineering, Electrical Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9177

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Linking Morphology and Multi-Physical Transport in Structured Electrodes

Silvan SUTER

Thesis director : Prof. S. Haus
Energy doctoral program.
Thesis 9394

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Dynamic Imaging of Lipid Membranes by Means of Water

Orly Bagunu TARUN

Thesis Director: Prof. S. Roke
Photonics doctoral program
Thesis Nr. 9270

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Electrical effects in winding of large electrical ac machines application to advanced large size DFIM

Frédéric Michael MAURER

Thesis directors : Dr B. Kawkabani , Dr J. Haldemann
Energy doctoral program.
Thesis 8101

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Hardware/Software Co-Design and Reliability Analysis of Ultra-Low Power Biomedical Devices

Soumya Subhra BASU

Thesis director : Prof. D. Atienza Alonso
Electrical Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9231

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Long-term evolution of solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cell 3-D microstructure


Thesis directors : Dr J. Van Herle, Dr A. Nakajo
Energy doctoral program.
Thesis 9381

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Body-machine interfaces for non-homologous human-machine interactions


Thesis director : Prof. S. Micera
Electrical Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9411

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Thermal Drawing of Polymer Nano-composites: Fluid Dynamic Analysis and Application to Novel Functional Fibers

Alexis Gérald PAGE

Thesis director : Prof. F. Sorin
Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9101

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SUBDIVIDE AND CONQUERActive Contours and Surfaces for Biomedical Image Segmentation

Anaïs Laure Marie-Thérèse BADOUAL

Thesis directors : Prof. M. Unser , Dr D. Sage
Electrical Engineering doctoral program.
Thesis 9326

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