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EPFL - Alain Herzog

EPFL main campus is located in Lausanne, on the shores of the largest lake in Europe, Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps and Mont-Blanc. Most of the School of Engineering laboratories are on the main campus, but a number of them are also situated in Geneva, Neuchâtel and the Canton of Valais.

Each of the decentralized locations hosts different entities that share common or complementary research interests and therefore offers the opportunity for synergies within and outside EPFL.

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Microcity - Alain Herzog

Microcity is a center of excellence in micro- and nanotechnology and the biggest academic Institute in Switzerland, with research activities covering topics such as health, security, space engineering, communication or watchmaking.

The campus in Neuchâtel is located at the heart of a regional industrial basin, which is among the densest in Europe. It hosts twelve laboratories from the School of Engineering, in the field of Microengineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Microcity is also home to Neode, the Neuchatel platform for technology transfer. Different institutions are all close by, creating what is now known as the Neuchâtel Innovation Cluster (with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology, the University of Neuchâtel, and the Haute Ecole Arc).


Campus Biotech - Alain Herzog

EPFL research groups specialized in biotechnology, neuroscience and neuroprosthetics are now located on the Biotech Campus in Geneva. Five laboratories from the School of Engineering also joined this new centre of excellence in biotechnology and life science research, as part of the “Centre for Neuroprosthetics”. With ever progressing advances in biotechnology, microelectronics, and neural implants, the Centre’s mission is to define and establish a truly interdisciplinary area of study, merging neuroscience with engineering and medicine, and efficiently translating major breakthroughs from bioengineering and neuroscience to viable clinic applications. In partnership with the Bertarelli Foundation, the Defitech Foundation, International Foundation for Paraplegia ResearchMedtronic, this large world-class Center for Neuroprosthetics brings together scientists from different schools.

The Biotech Campus also hosts the seat of the Human Brain Project that focuses on pure science and its translation into practical outcomes that have an impact on society and the world.


LIDIAP - Alain Herzog

The city of Martigny hosts the Idiap Research Institute, a nonprofit research foundation affiliated with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The LIDIAP laboratory of the School of Engineering is the EPFL satellite of the Idiap research institute.

Their activities encompass basic research, training and technology transfer activities in the area of Artificial Intelligence for Society, like multimedia information management, human-computer interaction, perceptual and cognitive systems, natural language processing and understanding, social media, biometric person recognition, multimodal information interfaces, applied artificial intelligence (AI) and large-scale machine learning.


Valais Wallis - Alain Herzog

Principally dedicated to scientific research in the fields of energy, health and the environment, the EPFL Valais Wallis campus currently brings together 160 people in Sion the heart of the Valais, with the aim to reach 400 in the coming years. Named “Energypolis”, it is equipped with cutting edge technology and shared instrumentation, including laser laboratories, chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance, electronic imaging, mass spectrometry or X-Ray diffraction.

Four faculties and a college are involved in the development of this campus, among them the School of Engineering, implanted with two laboratories.

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