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One of the most downloaded articles of Light: Science & Applications 15th September, 2021

The review paper of Claudio Bruschini and Edoardo Charbon entitled “Single-photon avalanche diode imagers in biophotonics : review and outlook” has been selected as one of the Light: Science & Applications 20 top downloaded papers for the year 2020.

Christian Enz and Arnout Beckers receive the George E. Smith Award 14th September, 2021

Christian Enz, director of the Integrated Circuits Laboratory at the School of Engineering, and Arnout Beckers, a PhD student, were awarded a prize for their research entitled Theoretical Limit of Low-Temperature Subthreshold Swing in Field-Effect Transistors 

New immunotherapy method turns activated specifically in tumor 13th September, 2021

EPFL scientists have developed a chemical method for targeting the effects of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs only to the tumor tissue, making the drugs less toxic to the rest of the human body.

STI faculty journalist awarded 8th September, 2021

Valérie Geneux, the journalist responsible for covering the news of the School of Engineering, was awarded the second "Best Young Journalist Prize" by the Centre de Formation au Journalisme et aux Médias

Flexibility will be key to a large-scale rollout of solar power 6th September, 2021

The successful deployment of solar power will depend on many factors, including how well grid operators are able to balance supply and demand in order to incorporate renewable energy into their low-voltage grids. An EPFL PhD thesis looks at how power utilities can promote flexibility to achieve that goal.

Prof. Giovanni De Micheli receives Technical Achievement Award 1st September, 2021

Professor Giovanni De Micheli, head of the Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI) at the School of Engineering, has been awarded with the 2021 IEEE TCCPS Technical Achievement Award "For sustained contributions to smart sensors, wearable and implanted electronics, and cyber-medical systems."