Engineering in the Life and Health Sciences

The combination of miniaturized and invasive technologies is driving engineering and the life and health sciences closer together. Our School is leading in generating new science, discovery, and treatment possibilities in this domain, including work on drinkable electronics, lab-on-a-chip, medical imaging, personalized health, bioMEMS, assistive robotics, biomechanics, artificial muscles, immunoengineering, tissue engineering, biomaterials, and soft materials.

Engineering for a Sustainable & Secure Society

The demand for smart and renewable resources is driven by a more alert society that is increasingly aware of the impact of engineering design and technology on their welfare and the environnement. Our School is contributing to foundational research in renewable energy and materials, green technologies, secure power supply and solar energy.

Engineering for Data-Enabled & Networked Society

The expansive interest in data and network sciences, and the questions of computational complexity, security, and privacy, is deeply impacting engineering sciences and design. Our School is contributing to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence and to the development of smart design tools that enable engineers to explore the design space more fully, for example, to discover new materials, to design intelligent systems, advance robotic technologies, and promote smart manufacturing.

Science of Intelligent and Complex Systems

The merging of the virtual and physical worlds through the development of intelligent systems, wearable technologies, robotic co-workers, smart devices, drone technology, augmented reality, intelligent houses, and artificial intelligence, is impacting engineering. Our School is developing state-of-the-art methodologies that enable autonomous systems with applications to manufacturing, healthcare, energy, transportation systems, education, safety, and privacy.

Innovation in Engineering Education

Transformational changes in engineering are leading to new types of jobs, which necessitate adjustments to our curricular activities. Our School is preparing students with the best skills for the future by exposing them to a breadth of topics related to nanotechnology, biology, cybersecurity, robotics, data and network sciences, energy, design, and entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Societal Impact

Our School is educating students to acquire a heightened awareness of ethical and privacy issues in engineering design and practice. We also encourage our students to innovate and to develop their entrepreneurial skills in the pursuit of solutions to problems of great societal impact in transportation, health sciences, affordable materials, food and nutrition, and energy.