Three best paper awards in a row at the SiliconPV 2019!

Neuchâtel PV research teams win awards at SiliconPV-conference! Mario Lehmann (PV-lab), Bertrand Paviet-Salomon (CSEM) and Damien Lachenal (Meyer Burger) were awarded three best paper awards!

At this 9th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics, held in April in Leuven (Belgium), PV-lab’s Ph.D. student Mario Lehmann presented results on how the hydrogen distribution within the so-called “fired passivating contacts” evolves during the processing sequence, and how this affects the electric charge carrier recombination. An accumulation of hydrogen at the interface between the silicon wafer and the contacting stack, where it passivates defects, was identified as a critical factor to reduce recombination and enable high device voltages. A manuscript has been submitted for publication in SOLMAT’s special issue “SiliconPV 2019”.