• School of Engineering

    Anna Fontcuberta i Morral to be the next EPFL president

    The Swiss Federal Council has just made its announcement: Anna Fontcuberta i Morral will take over as EPFL president on 1 January 2025. Her appointment marks another achievement in an outstanding career. A physicist and materials scientist, Fontcubert…

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  • School of Engineering

    Karen Scrivener receives honorary doctorate from TU/e

    Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has announced that Karen Scrivener, head of the Laboratory of Construction Materials in the School of Engineering, will receive an honorary doctorate from the Dutch institution for her scientific contributions to the field of building materials.

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  • School of Engineering

    Three EPFL engineering professors elected to SATW

    SATW, the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, has announced the appointment of 14 new full members for 2024, three of whom are from EPFL’s School of Engineering (STI).

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  • School of Engineering

    The future of construction with more sustainable cement

    A new material developed at EPFL could change how we make cement forever — and cut 500 million tons of emissions by 2030.

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  • School of Engineering

    EPFL will train students on sustainability

    Starting fall 2024, all EPFL first-year students will be required to take a core class in sustainability, and each department will introduce a sustainability-oriented Bachelor’s class (including one co-led by Tiffany Abitbol of STI’s Sustainable Materials Laboratory) and Master’s class with a focus on real-world applications. These changes…

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Upcoming Events

There is not any upcoming events for this month
IMX Seminar Series – Analyzing Lignin and Cellulose – adding some new methods to an old case 15.4.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Antje Potthast, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Seminar Series – Emergent metastable states and their applications for memory devices in transition metal dichalcogenides 22.4.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Dragan Mihailovic, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana Slovenia Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Seminar Series – Probing singlet states in frustrated magnets with muons 29.4.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Stephen Blundell, Oxford University, UK Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Seminar Series – Understanding Mechanisms for Creating Complex Materials with Built-In Cross-Coupled Responses 6.5.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Nicole A. Benedek, Cornell University, Ithaca USA Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Seminar Series – Ultrafast magnetism – terra incognita beyond the classical approximations 13.5.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Alexei V. Kimel, Radboud University, Netherlands Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Seminar Series – The Plant Age; Materials for the Future 27.5.2024 – 13:15 > 14:15 Speaker: Prof. Oded Shoseyov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more
IMX Talks – Towards defect-free and 3D architected microstructures in additive manufacturing of metals and alloys 3.6.2024 – 13:00 > 14:00 Speaker: Prof. Roland Logé, Laboratory of Thermomechanical Metallurgy – PX Group Chair Place: MXF 1 Category Conferences – Seminars Read more

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