About Materials Science & Engineering

“Materials are the subset of matter in the universe that man uses for making things. Materials Science and Engineering is concerned with the generation and application of knowledge relating the composition, structure and processing of materials to their properties and uses.”
Morris Cohen, 1974

Prof. Harm-Anton Klok
Institute Director

Materials Science and Engineering is that branch of modern science that probes and engineers the inner structure of all matter that man uses to make things with. Materials science and engineering is highly multi-disciplinary; it has its own core body of knowledge but also draws on the basic sciences such as physics and chemistry as well as the more traditional engineering disciplines such as mechanics and chemical engineering. It is largely driven by scientific curiosity, but at the same time aims for engineering impact and thus cultivates strong links with industry.

The Institute of Materials (IMX) is the hub of this discipline at EPFL, with twenty laboratories. Research within the institute of materials of EPFL addresses materials across a wide spectrum of materials classes, aiming for applications ranging from modern bio- and micro-electronic devices, to automotive, energy and aerospace applications and also to biomedical or even recreational (high performance sports) applications. Members of the faculty of EPFL affiliated with the institute of materials are thus active in a wide array of research areas, as witnessed by the web sites of its different laboratories and faculty.

Additionally, other laboratories at EPFL active in materials research can be found in the Materials Science and Engineering Doctoral School.

Teaching at the bachelor/master level comes under the Materials Science and Engineering Section (SMX).