The mission of the School of Engineering is to educate well-rounded engineering students in preparation for careers in research or industry; to advance and lead in research discoveries in engineering; to support and contribute to technology transfer; to innovate in engineering education; and to contribute engineering solutions to societal challenges.

Number of Students

Bachelor 1963
Women [%] Men [%]
Master 1153
Women [%] Men [%]
PhD 802
Women [%] Men [%]

9 Doctoral Programs

5 Institutes

116 Professors

Women [%] Men [%]

1841 Scientific publications

Electrical & Micro Engineering Mechanical Engineering Materials Bioengineering

4 Campuses

Neuchâtel satellite location
Sion satellite location
Geneva satellite location

1412 Employees (FTE)

Men [%] Women [%]

Key Figures

Start-ups incorporation 14
License and transfer agreements 20
Granted patents 58
Technology disclosures 63

13 Centers