All EPFL minor rules apply.

The MINOR IN PHOTONICS (complete presentation) offers training focused on the science and technology of light, as well as its various applications in fields such as imaging, telecommunications, biology, and manufacturing.
Students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the interactions between light and matter in different systems, while developing innovative solutions using light in various situations.
This minor is open to engineering and physics students. Students from other sections are welcome but need to obtain prior authorization from their respective sections.
The program includes a wide range of courses from which students must select a minimum of 20 ECTS. These courses cover both the fundamentals of photonics and their applications. A 10 ECTS semester project related to photonics is mandatory. It must be carried out in an EPFL optics research laboratory (list available on Photonics@EPFL).

The courses are grouped into three categories:
* Foundations of photonics
* Applied photonics
* Biomedical photonics

Students can choose courses of interest from the provided list. Since these courses are considered a “group,” a minimum grade of 4.0 is required for each course.
No validation of course choices is necessary as students are free and responsible for their own choices.
Of course, Prof. Olivier Martin is available for any questions or doubts regarding the construction of a coherent study program.