BSc in Materials Science & Engineering

The Bachelor program was conceived to give the students a broad foundation in the materials field. It covers the structure and properties of materials, the underlying principles in the various transformations, and the techniques to solve the various problems arising from the design and the engineering of materials. This thorough and structured program prepares the students for a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering with a broad albeit flexible study plan.


Usually lasting three years, the bachelor program comprises 180 credits and its objectives are to offer a solid base in mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as the fundamental and multidisciplinary knowledge from materials science. The various types of materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, as well as the methods for analysing and classifying them, are covered. The practical work and tutorials complementary to the courses will enable you to better assimilate, expand and apply the knowledge acquired in the lectures

This technical and scientific formation is supplemented by courses in social sciences, developing the students’ critical sense and helping them to be more open-minded and conscious of the interaction between science and the society.

In your last year in the Bachelor program, you will carry out a research project, working directly with a research lab related to your choice of material. This practical work will give you the chance to have practical experience in research and development, as well as encouraging your creativity and helping you on your choice of a Masters programme.

Achieving the Bachelor title will grant you access to the Masters program.

STI Faculty

If you pass the first year exams in one of the STI sections you can pass over directly to the second year of Materials science and engineering.