Intelligent Systems

IEM contributes to the EPFL-wide effort in Intelligent Systems by gathering researchers working on various aspects of creating intelligent systems. This fundamental research and its applications cross the boundaries of schools at EPFL and create opportunities for direct interactions with Swiss industry. Such systems are embedded with elements of artificial intelligence and are emerging in response to the convergence of the virtual and physical worlds through the development of autonomous systems, wearable technologies, robotic co-workers, smart devices, drone technology, augmented reality, intelligent houses, digital twins, intelligent manufacturing, and many other applications. When available, such technologies will have profound implications for many areas including manufacturing, transportation, commerce, employment, healthcare, government, legal, security, privacy, and education.


Key research themes

Under the coordination of the EPFL Centre for Intelligent Systems (CIS), and in collaboration with colleagues.

In other EPFL Schools, IEM researchers are particularly active in the following domains: