Semester project registration procedure

Finding a semester project

Visit the different laboratories or the section web pages and make sure that the professor in charge of the project is affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering section. If this is not the case, you must submit the project to the section Director’s approval.

Contact the professor in charge of the project

Discuss and book your subject with your professor as soon as possible.

The possibility for students to propose a project different from the ones offered, remains an exception and must receive prior academic and scientific validation from a laboratory.

Registration in IS-Academia

You can register your project in IS-A, as soon as registration to semester courses opens.

Registration deadline, as all other courses, is at the end of the second week of the semester.

IMPORTANT : your registration to the project in IS-Academia is mandatory


ME section rules concerning semester projects

1 – « Projects » block, including SHS, is completed once obtained the required 16 credits. ME semester project I (ME-401) which is compulsory and worth 10 credits, must be carried out in an ME or affiliated lab. If not so, the student must ask for ME Section Director’s authorization which will only be conceded in case such project is directly linked to the student specialization and with prior approval of the corresponding specialization advisor.

2 – « Options » group is completed once the 74 credits (44 credits if the student has registered a minor) are obtained by individual completion of each registered course. ME semester project II (ME-402) which is optional and worth 10 credits, can be carried in a lab out of ME section prior authorization of ME Section Director. « MGT-555 Innovation & entrepreneurship in engineering » course follows the same rules as ME-402 and will be counted in the 44 ME credits, if the student doesn’t carry out ME-402, otherwise MGT-555 credits will enter the 30 out-of-ME credits.

Request for authorization to carry out semester project outside SGM