Minor in Energy

Efficient use and conversion of energy is one of the major concerns of the 21st century. Paving the way towards the 2000 W society is one of the most exciting challenge for engineers. It requires a multidisciplinary polytechnical curriculum to tackle problems with a systemic vision that goes from new materials development to the optimal operation of large complex and highly interconnected systems and networks. Steps towards a more rational conversion and use of energy are the main theme and concerns the development of technologies to be integrated into systems that convert energy resources into distributed energy to satisfy energy services from micro to giga scales in different domains : households, transport, tertiary sector or industry.

The Minor in Energy is offered to the different master programs of EPFL and aim at broadening the scope of each major by adding the multidisciplinary dimension of energy.

Emphasis is put on :

The program is built on a basis of 30 ECTS credits (equivalent to 1 semester) with a strong emphasis put on project based learning.


A total of 20 ECTS credits has to be selected in the minor in energy program. The theoretical lectures proposed concern advanced energy conversion systems, energy distribution, energy conversion modeling, analysis and optimization, electricity distribution, storage and conversion, nuclear energy, renewable energy, chemical engineering and building energy considerations. The program combines theoretical lectures and project work that are coordinated with the major program. Courses are selected from different faculty and sections and are targeted to add multidisciplinary energy-related skills to the major.

Professional aspects

Growing attention to the energy efficiency offers many opportunities for professional career in scientific, public or industrial sectors in different areas like technology manufacturing, industrial processes operation and development, transportation, energy management and planning in urban systems, electricity production, distribution and usage, … The multidisciplinary nature of the Minor in Energy will offer career perspectives in both management and engineering.


Prof. François Maréchal
I17 4 F1 (Industrie 17)
Rue de l’Industrie 17, CP 440
CH-1951 Sion
Tel. +41 21 6933516
ME A2 402 (Lundi matin)

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