Engineering Internship

The industrial internship is an integral part of your Master cursus in Mechanical Engineering. It is an excellent opportunity for you to get a crucial insight into the day-to-day work-flow in industry and also offer to the company your broad expertise and skills in Mechanical Engineering.

Types of internships and content

The internship has several aims such as: the immersion of the student into the professional world, emphasizing the importance of team work, getting acquainted with a company’s processes and requirements expected from a professional engineer in Mechanical Engineering. The internship experience should test the student’s abilities and skills acquired at the EPFL.

Within the framework of the Master’s study plan, several forms of internships are possible :

Procedure for students

The internship in industry is a mandatory step of your Master degree and has to take place prior to starting your Master Project in a Laboratory.

In case of a 2-6 month internship:

In case of a master project in industry:



Hind Klinke
STI Internship Coordinator

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