Automobile Training in Mechanical Engineering : Double diploma EPFL-TUM

Since time immemorial students of Mechanical Engineering have shown a particular interest in automobile training. The attraction of speed, perhaps…

On the 9th March 2010 an agreement was reached between our institution and the presigious Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany, which will allow our students access to their training facilities, bringing together the vitality and open spirit of Mechanical Engineering with the most recent high-level technologies developed by our germanic neighbours.

Among other bilateral aspects of the agreement, the exchange of students means that candidates will be eligible for a double diploma in the name of both establishments (double diplôme).

However a maximum of 5 EPFL students, chosen from among the best of the Section of Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year candidates, will be able to pursue the Ingénieur EPFL-TUM program as follows :

– 60 credits to be validated by EPFL
– 90 credits to be validated by TUM, of which 60 credits of are recognised by EPFL

–> a total of 150 credits of which 120 will be validated by EPFL for the double diploma

Contact at EPFL

For all further information please contact the double-diploma representative for SGM:
Prof. Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
Tel : 021 693 38 45

Presentation of the TUM Faculty of Mechanics

Since 1998 the Mechanics Faculty of the Technical University of Munich has been located in a vast building with modern equipment in the TUM campus at Garching, near Munich. With almost 30 chairs and more than 800 collaborators, this faculty presents its 4000 students with an attractive training environment, with scientific basis and solid technique, a huge range of applications and excellent professional horizons.

The proposed orientations of the Faculty of Mechanics in the domain of automobile engineering are:

– Techniques of energy and processes
– Development and construction
– Vehicle and motor techniques
– Construction and machine management
– Mechanics
– Mechatronics and information technology
– Production and logistics

Fakultät der Maschinenwesen
Boltzmannstrasse 15
85748 Garching